[PL-Wn 12722 V] Graduał opata tynieckiego Mścisława

Graduale from benedictine St Peter's Abbey in Tyniec. Funded probably by abbot Mścisław before his pilgrimage to Holy Land in 1409. Corpus Christi added in the part of manuscript containing proses. Usually dated 1390, but it is not proved. Specyfic "Tyniec" notation - neumes of Messine structure were transformed using squares and diamonds.

12722 V
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Chants of the source

2147 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
243v 10 In omnem* MASS Off g00025 Divisio Apostolorum Image
243v 11 Ego vos* MASS Com g00225 Divisio Apostolorum Image
243v 12 Os justi* MASS Intr g01349 Alexis Image
243v 13 Os justi* MASS Gr g01343 Alexis Image
243v 14 Alleluia Iste est* MASS All 507045 Alexis Image
243v 15 Desiderium animae* MASS Off g01363 Alexis Image
243v 16 Domine quinque talenta* MASS Com g00012 Alexis Image
243v 17 Loquebar de* MASS Intr g00363 Praxedis Image
243v 18 Diffusa est* MASS Gr g01397 Praxedis Image
243v 19 Offerrentur* MASS Off g02069 Praxedis Image
243v 20 Simile est* MASS Com g01393 Praxedis Image
243v 21 Gaudeamus omnes* MASS Intr 501004 Mariae Magdalenae Image
243v 22 Dilexisti justitiam* MASS Gr g01366 Mariae Magdalenae Image
243v 23 Alleluia Optimam partem elegit sibi Maria MASS All 1 g02361 Mariae Magdalenae Image
244r 1 Alleluia Exsultabo et laetabor in misericordia MASS All 2 g01555 Mariae Magdalenae Image
244r 2 Angelus* MASS Off g01018 Mariae Magdalenae Image
244r 3 Diffusa est gratia* MASS Com g00302 Mariae Magdalenae Image
244r 4 Sacerdotes* MASS Intr g01280 Apollinaris Image
244r 5 Inveni David* MASS Gr g01272 Apollinaris Image
244r 6 Veritas mea* MASS Off g01278 Apollinaris Image
244v 1 Semel juravi in sancto meo semen MASS Com g01279 Apollinaris Image
244v 2 Ego autem* MASS Intr g01259 Vigilia Jacobi Image
244v 3 Laetabitur justus* MASS Intr g01294 Christophori Image
244v 4 Posuisti domine* MASS Gr g02233 Christophori Image
244v 5 Alleluia Laetabitur* MASS All g02236 Christophori Image
244v 6 In virtute* MASS Off g01357 Christophori Image
244v 7 Posuisti* MASS Com g01289 Christophori Image
244v 8 Mihi autem* MASS Intr g00005 Jacobi Image
244v 9 Justus ut palma* MASS Intr g01355 Pantaleonis Image
244v 10 Justus non conturbabitur* MASS Gr g02344 Pantaleonis Image
244v 11 Gloria et honore* MASS Off g01260 Pantaleonis Image
244v 12 Qui vult venire* MASS Com g01293 Pantaleonis Image
244v 13 Sacerdotes ejus induant salutare et sancti MASS Intr g02264 Felicis Image
244v 14 Memento domine David et omnis mansuetudinis MASS InV g02264a Felicis Image
244v 15 Gloria* MASS Dox 909000 Felicis Image
244v 16 Sacerdotes ejus induant salutare et sancti MASS Gr g01339 Felicis Image
245r 1 Illuc producam cornu David paravi lucernam MASS GrV g01339a Felicis Image
245r 2 Veritas* MASS Off g01278 Felicis Image
245r 3 Beatus servus* MASS Com g01354 Felicis Image
245r 4 Gaudeamus omnes* MASS Intr 501004 Marthae Image
245r 5 Specie tua* MASS Gr g01381 Marthae Image
245r 6 Diffusa est gratia* MASS Off g01378 Marthae Image
245r 7 Dilexisti justitiam* MASS Com g01400 Marthae Image
245r 8 Intret* MASS Intr g01310 Abdonis, Sennis Image
245r 9 Gloriosus* MASS Gr g01311 Abdonis, Sennis Image
245r 10 Mirabilis* MASS Off g01317 Abdonis, Sennis Image
245r 11 Posuerunt* MASS Com g00472 Abdonis, Sennis Image
245r 12 Nunc scio* MASS Intr g00257 Vincula Petri Image
245r 13 Sacerdotes Dei* MASS Intr g01280 Stephani, Pont. Image
245r 14 Ecce sacerdos* MASS Gr g01332 Stephani, Pont. Image
245r 15 Inveni David* MASS Off g01288 Stephani, Pont. Image
245r 16 Domine quinque* MASS Com g00012 Stephani, Pont. Image
245r 17 Etenim sederunt* MASS Intr g00559 Inventio Stephani Image
245r 18 Os justi* MASS Intr g01349 Dominici Image
245r 19 Justus ut palma* MASS Gr g01350 Dominici Image
245r 20 Desiderium animae* MASS Off g01363 Dominici Image
245r 21 Magna est* MASS Com g01261 Dominici Image
245r 22 Salus autem* MASS Intr g01325 Felicissimi, Agapiti Image
245r 23 Justorum animae* MASS Gr g00038 Felicissimi, Agapiti Image
245r 24 Gloriabuntur* MASS Off g00244 Felicissimi, Agapiti Image
245r 25 Ego vos elegi* MASS Com g00225 Felicissimi, Agapiti Image
245r 26 Me exspectaverunt* MASS Intr g01373 Afrae Image
245r 27 Specie tua* MASS Gr g01381 Afrae Image
245r 28 Filiae regum* MASS Off g01388 Afrae Image
245r 29 Feci judicium* MASS Com g01379 Afrae Image
245r 30 Salus autem justorum* MASS Intr g01325 Sixti Image
245r 31 Exsultabunt sancti* MASS Gr g00475 Sixti Image
245r 32 Alleluia Te Martyrum candidatus* MASS All g01328 Sixti Image
245r 33 Gloriabuntur in te* MASS Off g00244 Sixti Image
245r 34 Ego vos elegi* MASS Com g00225 Sixti Image
245r 35 Timete Dominum omnes sancti ejus quoniam MASS Intr g00324 Cyriaci et Soc. Image
245v 1 Benedicam dominum in omni tempore semper MASS InV g00324a Cyriaci et Soc. Image
245v 2 Gloria* MASS Dox 909000 Cyriaci et Soc. Image
245v 3 Timete Dominum omnes sancti ejus quoniam MASS Gr g00478 Cyriaci et Soc. Image
245v 4 Inquirentes autem dominum non deficient omni MASS GrV g00478a Cyriaci et Soc. Image
246r 1 Laetamini* MASS Off g00116 Cyriaci et Soc. Image
246r 2 Signa eos qui in me credunt MASS Com g00326 Cyriaci et Soc. Image
246r 3 Dispersit dedit pauperibus justitia ejus manet MASS Intr g00327 Vigilia Laurentii Image
246r 4 Beatus vir qui timet dominum in MASS InV g00327a Vigilia Laurentii Image
246r 5 Gloria* MASS Dox 909000 Vigilia Laurentii Image
246r 6 Dispersit dedit pauperibus justitia ejus manet MASS Gr g00328 Vigilia Laurentii Image
246v 1 Potens in terra erit semen ejus MASS GrV g00328a Vigilia Laurentii Image
246v 2 Oratio mea munda est et ideo MASS Off g00330 Vigilia Laurentii Image
247r 1 Qui vult* MASS Com g01293 Vigilia Laurentii Image
247r 2 Confessio* MASS Intr g00331 Laurentii Image
247r 3 Probasti Domine cor meum et visitasti MASS Gr g00332 Laurentii Image
247r 4 Igne me examinasti et non est MASS GrV g00332a Laurentii Image
247r 5 Alleluia Levita Laurentius bonum opus operatus MASS All g00334 Laurentii Image
247v 1 Confessio et pulchritudo in conspectu ejus MASS Off g00335 Laurentii Image
247v 2 Qui mihi ministrat me sequatur et MASS Com g01299 Laurentii Image
247v 3 Justus ut palma* MASS Intr g01355 Tiburtii, Valeriani Image
247v 4 Justus non conturbabitur* MASS Gr g02344 Tiburtii, Valeriani Image
247v 5 In virtute tua* MASS Off g01357 Tiburtii, Valeriani Image
247v 6 Posuisti Domine* MASS Com g01289 Tiburtii, Valeriani Image
247v 7 Justi epulentur et exsultent in conspectu MASS Intr g00037 Hippolyti Image
247v 8 Exsurgat deus et dissipentur inimici ejus MASS InV g00037a Hippolyti Image
248r 1 Gloria* MASS Dox 909000 Hippolyti Image
248r 2 Justorum animae* MASS Gr g00038 Hippolyti Image
248r 3 Anima nostra* MASS Off g00576 Hippolyti Image
248r 4 Dico autem vobis amicis meis ne MASS Com g01324 Hippolyti Image