Plainchant sources in Poland - Cantus Planus in Polonia allows free and universal access to manuscripts and prints with musical notation, kept at many different libraries and archives in Poland. Manuscripts are entered with a general description. Selected codices are fully indexed. There are many search capabilities which are immediately available to a visitor.

Cantus Planus in Polonia is a member of international chant database network CANTUS Index Group.

Cantus PL Team:

Bartosz Izbicki, Ph.D. | Project Manager and Principal Researcher
Prof. Elżbieta Witkowska-Zaremba, Ph.D. | Director of the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Jan Koláček, Ph.D. candidate | Webmaster
Rev. Prof. Robert Bernagiewicz, Ph.D. | Consultant
Jakub Kubieniec, Ph.D. | Consultant, Coordinator of Antiphonaries


Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Catalogue of Music Sources
National Library of Poland - Department of Music Collections


s. Debora Wiąckiewicz OSB, Ph.D. candidate
Irina Chachulska, Ph.D.
Piotr Szukiel, Ph.D. candidate